when there’s no seat at the table,
we create our own table.

ThirdWayZW is a political and governance think tank that works with a team of young, ethical and transformational Africans in providing and implementing solutions to Africa’s current quagmires on a country by country basis.

ThirdWay operations will begin in Zimbabwe though the organisation has an African regional focus and currently has country representatives in Kenya, Malawi, Senegal, South Africa, and Zambia.

In Zimbabwe, ThirdWay is a think-tank that works with a team of young, ethical and transformational Zimbabweans in providing and implementing solutions to the current political and economic crisis in Zimbabwe. We have a two – pronged approach with a business arm and a political arm. This approach is based on that we have seen in Zimbabwe that business affects politics and politics affects business.


See young Zimbabweans propose policy, dissect current policies and make positive solution driven contributions to all political matters. Bring together a team of young Zimbabweans who will be shadow legislators of key constituencies and cabinet members of strategic ministries.


The business arm will see Young Zimbabweans create turnaround strategies for key parastatals in Zimbabwe. Teams of shadow boards for the key parastatals in Zimbabwe will collaborate to create sound solutions to stimulate growth in the larger economy.


Leadership training with an anchoring on “Ethical Dimensions of Leadership” will be provided for young business leaders and future political leaders on key aspects of being a board member and political office bearers. This Leadership training will focus on the roles of values in ethical fitness and how to engage in activities that foster ethical fitness. Ethical fitness has become an imperative skill and leadership trait that future leaders must master.

Thirdway is an institution that;

Creates shadow parastatal boards that enhance transparency and promote good corporate governance by proffering solutions to current problems our parastatals are facing as well as equipping and preparing young professionals for future roles.

Creates a shadow national cabinet of young ministers that review policies in place and proffer national solutions and also forward sound policies for implementation.

Creates diverse shadow boards and a shadow cabinet; diverse with regards to age, gender, race and sexual orientation.